Heavy Duty Publishing Welcomes Whitmer Thomas

By December 7, 2023 Uncategorized

Whitmer Thomas is a musician, comedian, actor, and screenwriter from Gulf Shores, Alabama. In 2020, Whitmer’s stand-up special The Golden One premiered on HBO, which was accompanied by Songs from the Golden One (Hardly Art), his first full-length musical project. Next came The Older I Get the Funnier I Was. A single listen through the album conjures the ennui of Bright Eyes alongside the barefaced storytelling of John Prine, the overstuffed lists of Fred Thomas with the lackadaisical humor of Colleen Green, among many others. Also influenced by his teenage musical heroes Blink-182, Whitmer surveys a range of emotion, but offers a broad sonic palette, too, moving between pop punk, electro, and obvious influence of the singer-songwriters he grew up listening to in early childhood. Funny, and also faithful to the experience of time, as it moves ever onwards in fits and starts between the mundane, the tragic, the ecstatic and rare sublime.

Listen here.