Heavy Duty Publishing Welcomes Jessica Pratt

By June 6, 2024 Uncategorized

The revered Los Angeles artist has become one of the most singular and distinctive songwriters of her generation, largely through the bewitching sound of her acoustic guitar and vocals: a mystical, elusive blend that conjures deep emotional responses from her devoted audience. With Pratt’s fourth album, Here in the Pitch, this orchestral style of ’60s inspired pop comes as close as she ever has to music you can reach out and touch in the air around you. If a sense of hope is clear in Pratt’s words, it’s even clearer in her performance: placing her voice at the forefront and creating an emotional immediacy that sets this record apart from all her past work. Through these songs, she suggests those qualities are precisely what keeps us listening, over and over again, on the edge of our seats.

Listen HERE