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New Frank Ocean Track – “Provider”

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Frank Ocean has dropped a new track on his ‘blonded RADIO’ show! “Provider” was co-written by Heavy Duty’s Buddy Ross, a long time collaborator with Ocean, with drums by Vegyn. Watch the lyric video on the Blonded website.

New Single by Doe Paoro – “Fading Into Black”

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Doe Paoro’s new track “Fading Into Black,” co-written by our own Dan Nigro, powerfully showcases Paoro’s expressive singing and imaginative songwriting. It also comes with a timely context that lends it some additional resonance.

Doe Paoro recorded the song on November 8th, the morning after the presidential election. She recalls, “When I got into the vocal booth, I could not sing the original lyrics to this song. I was so overpowered with anger and regret. So I wrote the new lyrics on the spot and we recorded it; it came effortlessly and the song felt fated to arrive on that day. For me it’s about personal regret over collective decisions, and the choices the collective makes that feel like they are made from a place of fear rather than hope.”